Recover From Your OSD (Overage, Shortage, and Damage)

OSD Some shippers are all too familiar with lost and damaged shipments. It can be an arduous, lengthy task involving fact-gathering, completing paperwork, responding to claim adjusters, and waiting to receive your check in the mail. And that applies to each occurrence. Let AFS and its claims technology, pulseOSD, give you renewed hope for a better recovery experience.

Managing Claims with Mobility

An interface developed with mobility in-mind, pulseOSD recognizes your mobile device and responds with a friendly layout to quickly access your claims status and reports from anywhere in the world—the perfect solution for road warriors and dock jockeys.

Self-Serve or Be Served

Whether you choose to enter freight claims yourself or have the claims professionals at AFS handle it, you’ll be in good hands. Our system makes it easy to enter freight claim information, upload relevant documents, and track payments all through a single app.

Leverage Other AFS Solutions

If you pair pulseOSD with TMS or Audit & Payment services, you’ll be even more efficient. With shipping invoice data processed into the AFS system, creating a claim will take even less time. Just enter the ProNumber, and voila! Relevant data fields will auto-populate for you. This is one of many examples our App Store brings to you.

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