Introducing Pulse

Transportation Analytics, for a Healthier Supply Chain

Responsive dashboards and geomapping capabilities quickly bring-to-life where you need to spend your time. Visualizing your shipping data—we call this actionable business intelligence.

Cloud or On-Premise Access

Access pulseBI via any browser or opt for Microsoft’s on-premise technology, allowing you to work in Excel, append more data, save your view, and share it easily and securely.
Pulse BI

Export to PowerPoint

No more static screenshots and endless slide decks. If you make presentations, you’ll love exporting your dashboards to Powerpoint. With this feature, you are linked to pulseBI and retain all your On-Premise features including drill-down and responsive charts.

Flexible Solutions

Review the list below to determine which tier is right for you.

Pulse BI Tiers
Learn more about the features and value from our experts.

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