Freight and Parcel Audit

Catch 99% of Shipping Overcharges, Late Payments, Accessorial Fees with our industry leading Freight and Parcel Audit.

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Shipping Cost Management

Watch your shipping savings go from good to great with our award winning shipping cost strategies.

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Transportation Analytics

Discover where you should spend your time with pulseBI for a healthier supply chain.

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Transportation Management System

Increase your shipping output with pulseTMS, a fit for any shipper

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Client Stories


An 11% reduction in overall shipping costs? It’s possible. At Verizon, AFS was the driving force to help the organization realize significant savings.


In the apparel industry, customers want only what fits just right. That’s why over 15% of online orders are returned. Cavender’s needed a better solution to manage their returns process. They tried on AFS and found the perfect fit.

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory saved 50% on shipping costs for their menu alone. I mean, have you seen that thing? It's like a small novel.

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